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Liam Rivera

Liam Rivera


Team SunGod

Make way, the next generation of freeride is here.

To those in the freeride world, Liam needs no introduction and at only 24 he has already made a significant mark on the Freeride World Tour, finishing 3rd in his debut season in 2023. But despite his young age, Liam’s journey to the pinnacle of freeriding began many years ago…

Liam started turning heads in the freeride world back in 2016 after claiming the win at the Freeride Junior World Tour and finishing 3rd in the Freeride Junior World Championships in quick succession. From here, 6 years of hard graft followed as Liam climbed through the Freeride World Qualifier ranks, eventually racking up enough points to secure a spot on the much coveted Freeride World Tour in 2023. Here, facing off against the best freeriders in the world, Liam proved that he is not only a contender but a podium regular, scoring inside the top 3 at 3 out of 4 stops and securing the 'Rookie of the Year' title.

Liam wears

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Matte Black with Green

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“Snowboarding means so much to me, it gives me opportunities to push myself as an athlete, travel the world, be creative and express myself.”

But even though Liam is a true star on the rise, he is also a true gentleman, full of wisdom that extends beyond his 25 years. Humble about his successes, you’d have thought he had simply won a friendly bet, not a stop on the Freeride World Tour. But don’t let the modesty fool you - Liam is a powerhouse and no stranger to hard work as he makes his mark in freeride and snowboarding in general. Making light work of any venue, Liam seamlessly blends freestyle elements with the most technical freeride lines as he becomes known as one of the most exciting and versatile up-and-coming riders on the FWT and beyond.

“I am really excited to continue my partnership with SunGod. They have supported my journey from the beginning and I have grown as an athlete together with SunGod. I am excited to continue to grow and work together on projects to show our vision of snowboarding to everyone.”

— Liam Rivera

And with his whole career ahead of him, Liam is brimming with ideas for where he wants to take it, “I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time filming this winter, alongside the competitions,” Liam tells us. “I really want to showcase my side of snowboarding and what it truly means to me, in the hope that others will identify with it and feel motivated to get out there too.” If one thing is certain, Liam is the athlete you’ll want to be watching over the coming years - join us in the front row seats to see the magic unfold! 

Liam wears

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Matte Black Tortoise with Standard Polarised Chrome

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