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Pauline in Airas

4 February 2021

5 Reasons To Start Gravel Biking This Winter


Here’s why you should join the gravel revolution…

With 2021 well underway, we’re all on the hunt for fresh adventures and new experiences. As we enter February, a promise of a fresh start beckons as the days start to lengthen. And with gravel biking taking the cycling industry by storm, we can’t think of a better way to adventure right now! So, we asked 5 SunGod Ambassadors to share their motivations for leaving the asphalt behind in favour of trails less travelled this winter…

1. Gravel biking improves your bike handling skills

“Feeling comfortable and confident on your bike is a must! On gravel rides, you learn a lot of bike handling skills which will help you in any other bike discipline. Riding on a really bad road with your road bike? No problem, you trained for this on the gravel bike so you’ll be more confident. Came off the road for a second? Don’t panic, that’s where you spent most of your winter!” Nora Turner (@unicorncycling )

2. Gravel biking is an escape

“If you live in the city like me, your road rides can end up taking you on the same routes, over and over! When you head out onto the gravel trails, you leave behind the monotony of those city rides and the hustle and bustle of the streets. Not only this, touring on a gravel bike is liberating for your mind too. Instead of relying on numbers and data, pushing for faster times and higher wattage, when you’re gravel biking you have to listen to your body and have fun, it’s truly an escape!” Ruben Best (@rubsterbest)

3. Gravel biking is versatile

“Being predominantly a road cyclist, gravel biking allows me to mix road and dirt with the same bike in the same tour, and still have fun while performing in both terrains. It was a real groundbreaker for me to start pushing my bike off the concrete and onto the gravel. It has opened a whole new world of possibilities and broken the imaginary barrier between road bike tours and off-road tours on my MTB. Gravel biking fits perfectly in between, but it can be so much more… I’m already planning multiple day gravel bike adventures for this winter – it’s so fun!” Simon Bonnefous (@simonbfs)

4. Gravel biking is an adventure

“Ever been out on a road bike and seen that track that winds into the forest or over a hill? On your gravel bike, you don’t need to wonder where that goes! There is something special about swinging off the road and onto a trail, and the sound of rubber over loose stones cannot be beaten. Often you’re not 100% sure where you’re headed and there are no rules, no targets and no data to worry about – just enjoy the path less travelled!” James Carter (@jc_le_bezy_pyrenees)

5. Gravel biking is fun!

“My very favourite reason for loving gravel biking is that it is simply so much fun. Gravel biking is like having a party on the trails – head out with a good crew, bring some coffee and have a laugh. The bike gets dirty, you get dirty and honestly, I think getting lost on the trails with your bike is one of life’s simple pleasures - what’s not to love?” Guy Burgerhaut (@velo_athletic)

We're pretty sure we've convinced you to give gravel biking a go - what's not to love about getting away from the noise of everyday life and getting muddy on a road less travelled? So, if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get out on the bike during the winter months, or stuck riding the same routes, gravel biking may just be the new adventure you’ve been searching for!