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Tom Evans training in Chamonix

3 September 2020

The Best 5 Reasons to Adventure in a Van

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From the people who do…

In this post Covid world, our desire for adventure has never been stronger. But, as travel restrictions evolve, many of us are faced with uncertainty about where to adventure. We caught up with 3 SunGod Ambassadors who have adopted a more nomadic lifestyle, one that allows them total freedom to continue to adventure, uninhibited by flight cancellations and social distancing. So, here's why you should make a van adventure, your next adventure:

1. Adventure Close to home – Renee McCurdy, BC, Canada

Full time nurse, full time adventurer and part time camper Renee McCurdy has been sleeping in a tent mounted on the back of her truck on her days off this summer...

“I just moved to a new city for a great work opportunity - I’ve never lived in a city before, so setting up my truck in a way that I could spend my summer on the road for my days off has allowed me explore the backcountry of my new backyard. What's more, I haven’t driven further than a couple hours from home and it feels like I’m on vacation all the time, because everything is new! Covid 19 restrictions in my area have encouraged people like myself to explore local and stay local."

2. Adventure away from the crowds - Renee McCurdy, BC, Canada

“Thanks to the flexibility of being in my own truck, I’ve set up camp in a fair number of places where there isn’t anyone else around. Costs of accommodation stay low, and you’re driving place to place anyhow. I’ve avoided the touristy areas that tend to be more busy and campsites where there are amenities.”

Follow Renee's adventures: @reneemccurds

3. Embrace self sufficiency - Kathi Maloun, Europe

Kathi and her partner Andi have been travelling Europe since Autumn 2018 in their converted van. They both work freelance, Andi as a photographer, Kathi as a communication consultant and yoga instructor.

"With the van we are totally independent, we just need to refill our water sometimes and have enough sun to power the solar panels. We’re free to drive wherever we want and are not reliant on air-travel, we can just go with the flow. We feel that more and more people are getting into camping as it allows you the freedom to just get away for a weekend, explore your own country and spend time in nature."

Follow Kathi and Andi’s adventures: @salty.roamers

4. Travel slowly, see more – Val & Tim Cook, Europe

Val and Tim Cook have been on the road since 2008. In March 2020, they sold their hostel-on-wheels business (a converted school bus), to focus on travelling with their 2 children. The journey they are on has taken them along the West coast of France, Spain and soon to Portugal.

"We love to travel slowly, to follow the pace of our kids and to move through life to our own beat. Van life definitely allows us to do that! Covid 19 has encouraged people to slow down, and by doing so, they will start to see so much more. By flying to our adventures, we skip a beautiful part of the journey. We don't have to fly to the other side of the world to see beauty, jump in a van and head into the wild, beauty is everywhere around us.”

5. Travel with total freedom - Val & Tim Cook, Europe

"If you climb a mountain, go off the grid, or take your van to a forest in your home country, it all has the same result. It shows you that there is more to life and it opens your mind by letting you look at life from a different perspective. Living in a van is the freedom to breathe in fresh air, the freedom to wake up with a different backyard every day and the freedom to see the world as your oyster and go wherever you want to go.”

Follow Val & Tim’s adventures with their family: @thenomadsfamily

Travel for 2 weeks or 2 years, there are certainly no hard and fast rules for a van adventure! However, if one thing is certain, a camper van can allow us the freedom we’ve been longing for all summer. It’s time to take back control of our adventures!