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31 March 2021

5 Awesome Women Challenging the Status Quo

Athlete Stories

These badass SunGod women are all advocating for change in their industries…

At SunGod, we’ve always been about disrupting the status quo and challenging norms to build something better. And, as women’s history month draws to a close, we’re celebrating 5 incredible SunGod Athletes who are doing exactly this and whose tireless work inspires us every day...

Internationelles – Gender equality in cycling

Gender equality in cycling is a conversation that is being had with increasing frequency in 2021, thanks to the efforts of the Internationelles. Internationelles team captain, Louise Gibson shares their motivations:

“Our main goal as a team is always to stay focused on our goal for improving things within women’s cycling. The main way we do this is by riding the Tour de France each year in full, one day ahead of the men. Despite our team being unable to come together in 2020 due to Covid, we weren’t interested in doing nothing this year. We have trained too hard and believe too much in our cause to sit at home in silence. So instead, we rode the distance of the tour together virtually and Everested the full elevation of the tour. We needed to do this to continue our conversations about equality and continue our work on closing the gender gap. Why shouldn't women have the same opportunities as men?! We’re hoping that 2021 will continue to bring more progress for women’s cycling and we won’t give up until real progress is made. Cyclists shouldn't be limited by their gender!”

Follow Louise and the Internationelles: @loukew / @internationelles

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Ari Tricomi – Greater safety transparency in the ski industry

SunGod pro freeskier Ari Tricomi made an emotional yet powerful plea to the ski industry this season to implore fellow pro snowsports athletes to become more transparent in the way they promote snow safety and decision making on their social media…

“Safety is a huge part of our sport and everyone needs to be aware of that. This winter, we experienced really unstable snowpack across Europe and North America which caused so many fatal accidents and it had me wondering how we can mitigate these terrible losses. Of course, there are plenty of resources out there that warn of the dangers and educate people on avalanche awareness and snow conditions. But, it’s also important that pro riders are talking about snow safety and being transparent about their decision making alongside sharing incredible content of them shredding a line. So many young people look up to these pros and I think it’s important that we act as role models and do everything we can to show them the precautions we take to mitigate our risk in the mountains. We all need to share our experiences, good and bad. Snow safety will always be part of our sport, make smart decisions, be prepared and respect the mountains.”

Follow Ari: @ari_tricomi

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Pip Hare – Gender stereotypes in sailing

Having just become the 8th woman in history to finish the toughest solo ocean race around the world, the Vendée Globe, Professional sailor Pip Hare is on a mission to end gender stereotypes in sailing and inspire a new generation of female sailors…

“I would love to see more women on the water, taking the helm and feeling like they belong. I would love to see the day when a boat comes into a harbour and it is not assumed that the man on board is the skipper. I believe that the more women take part at this level, the more people will see that a good crew can be a mixed-gender team as well as encouraging women to believe they belong there. Stereotypes don’t help anyone, every person is individual with their own strengths and weaknesses and equal capacity to learn and grow. I have made my own campaigns, raised my own funds, bought my own boats and fought my way up the ladder as a one-woman show. The 2020 Vendée Globe was such a positive move forward to have 6 female skippers on the start line of the toughest ocean race in the world. I hope that in 2024 there will be 12 of us and after that, we will no longer need to have these conversations."

Follow Pip: @piphareoceanracing

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Victoria Evans – Gender Equality in sport

London based sports lawyer, Victoria Evans is training to row unsupported across the Atlantic in a bid to break the world record as the fastest female solo row of the Atlantic Ocean. Sport has been a tool for positive change in Tori’s life, which is why she’s campaigning to change mindsets at the very heart of the sports industry…

"Access to sport is an incredible tool for positive change and through my campaign 'Sea Change Sport' I'm raising awareness about, and funds for, the charity 'Women In Sport' whose goal is to ensure woman and girls benefits from equal opportunities in the sector. Sport is one of the most powerful vehicles for change, but millions of women and girls miss out because the industry is not designed by them of marketed to them. In 2019, we saw huge progress with events like the FIFA Women's World Cup making great strides towards a new landscape. However, COVID has thrown a wrench in the wheels of change and we have a long way still to go to reach a level playing field. Trying to train for and pull together the campaign during the pandemic has been almost impossible at times, and having to postpone just days from the start line was a very tough blow. Nevertheless, Sea Change Sport remains with the ongoing focus of ensuring that women and girls are active participants in, and help shape the future of sport."

Follow Tori: @seachangesport

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Kim Vinet – Promoting environmental responsibility in businesses

Professional freeride skier, ski guide and scientist Kim Vinet runs a consulting business called Affirmative Sustainability. Through Affirmitive, Kim empowers businesses to reduce their environmental footprint to become more sustainable.

“As an athlete, I have a great platform to share an environmental message and I have worked with Protect Our Winters Canada since its inception. As well as this, I have a strong background in energy production and an interest in renewable energy production. I have loved using this background to develop production and market policy for renewables and carbon offset development. I’ve always followed my heart and a lot of the time it doesn’t always seem to make sense. But, I am so proud of having gone out on my own to build Affirmative, it’s so exciting to empower companies to make positive change for our planet. I love being part of that.”

Check out Affirmative Sustainability: www.affirmativesustainability.com

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We're proud to work alongside these incredible women in their campaigns to invoke change and challenge industry norms. It’s hard not to take inspiration from their tireless efforts to make a difference in the world as we look forward to a more positive 2021. Here’s to you ladies!