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Who is Carl Renvall?

14 November 2019

Who is Carl Renvall?


10 questions with the newest member of the SunGod Pro team...

“Skiing is more than just an action sport. It is a dance that must be perfectly executed.”

Having grown up in the Freeride paradise of Verbier, it’s hardly surprising that Carl Renvall has stormed his way onto the Freeride World Tour for 2020. Faced with the daunting prospect of having to ski some of the gnarliest lines while the world watches, Carl seems to have it all figured out. We delve into the mind of the calmest, most collected guy on the planet who tells us things he hasn’t even told his mum…

1. How did your love of skiing begin?

Before I was two years old my dad strapped a pair of skis to my feet and I think I probably fell in love with it straight away. It became more and more interesting to me as I grew older and advanced my skills, pushing things further each year.

2. What motivates you to keep sending?

I think it’s that feeling of self accomplishment after I have skied a mission that I've meticulously planned and have waited for weeks, sometimes years before getting to ski it. Before you know it, you’re there on the right day, when everything goes perfectly and the feeling I have as I ride the line and the feeling I get afterwards... That’s enough for me.

3. You've got pretty unique, almost cat-like qualities on skis Carl, how have these skills developed over the years?

I suppose it’s come from pushing for that feeling of self accomplishment and trying to squeeze perfection out of every metre that I ski. Skiing is more than just an action sport for me, it is like a dance that must be perfectly executed!

4. What constitutes a day well spent on skis for you?

That's an easy one! Nothing beats a good day with a bit of fresh snow, good friends and perfect weather!

5. What is your goal for this winter?

I want to do a good job on the Freeride World Tour this year. Last time I was on the Tour, I was 19 years old and I wasn't ready. This year is different though and I want to push myself for real this time. I feel psychologically more ready than I was before for a competition of this scale - I can't wait!

6. Do you ever get scared?

Hell yeah! There are so many unknown factors at play. I’ve scoped a line from the bottom and I’ve visualized every possible outcome but there is just so much you don’t know and a lot of doubt to manage!

7. How do you stop that fear impacting your skiing?

The trick for me is to forget the setting, forget all the people watching and blinker myself to focus on the line in front of me. It’s a dangerous sport, you can’t afford to get too worked up before you drop in!

8. What are you most looking forward to about the FWT?

Skiing with all my buddies again. The comps are great of course but the days off are awesome too as it will be a chance to ride with an incredible crew. I'm also stoked to ski in Japan and Canada and experience those countries as I've never been!

9. What’s the scariest line you’ve skied?

Well I didn’t ski it… I fell from top to bottom! I was on the North Face of Mont Fort in Verbier and a huge slab just gave way beneath me, I had no chance. I fell straight through the rocks, picking up so much speed and I remember thinking ‘there’s no way I’m going to survive this’. I was miraculously uninjured but It’s easily the scariest descent I’ve ever done – don’t tell my mum!

10. Finally, the question of all questions: Why do you love freeriding?

I love the meditative state that freeriding puts me into. Thinking about nothing and worrying about nothing. Out there, it’s just you, your skis and the mountain. That state of tranquility I feel is so unique and there is nothing else in life that gets me to that place. I could meditate for hours and I still wouldn’t get there!

Keep an eye out for Carl on the Freeride World Tour this season and see him in action in his home resort of Verbier here: