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6 August 2021

5 Of The Best Reasons to Escape This Summer


Adventures are back. Re-discover your 'why'...

As the world gradually opens up to us once again, we’re all excited to press play on those plans that have been on hold for so long. And as we anticipate the promise of a new chapter of travel, we wanted to celebrate and share some of the best reasons that we should all be escaping on the regular. So whether you’re making the final preparations to your adventure plans or seeking a spark of inspiration, 5 SunGod Ambassadors share their own motivations for getting out there in 2021…

1. To celebrate what I'm capable of.

Neruja Srikantharajah – Climber (@so_little_a_time)

“Adventure for me is about celebrating the incredible things my body is capable of achieving. Our bodies are wonderful machines that deserve a lot more respect than most of us are willing to give them. Living an adventurous lifestyle means I am able to push the limits of my body and remember that often, it is the mind that wants to give up and not the body. Every adventure makes me a mentally stronger person because once you realise your body isn’t the limiting factor, the sky suddenly becomes the limit…”

2. Because it sparks my joy for life.

Hailey Van Dyk – Ultra-runner (@haileyvandyk)

“It’s too easy to get caught up in the routine of life and so often we forget to have fun and get curious. Adventuring is what keeps that spark alive for me and I love the whole process involved. From the planning, to the execution, to reveling in the accomplishment of something I've been dreaming about for a while. This last year with races being cancelled, I’ve been thinking outside the box and getting creative! Some of my more recent excursions started by simply looking at a map and creating a route, speaking with people who have been to that area and plotting out a gpx file. There is something so raw and pure about self-propelled adventures and it keeps me hungry for more and loving life!”

3. For the constant pursuit of a new challenge.

Michael Adeniran - Runner (@theurbanchallenger)

"I love pushing myself to what I think are my limits and being able to push further and further each time. Every time I sign up to something tough or challenging, I find a sense of adventure in working out how to tackle that new challenge. I often throw myself in at the absolute deep end because that’s when I feel most alive and more susceptible to a ‘let’s do this’ mindset. This is a great way to try new things and also helps you grow as a person.”

4. To build confidence.

Vera Ngosi-Sambrook – Ultra-endurance cyclist (@pedalling.to.and.fro)

“In addition to being great fun, adventures can sometimes throw up some challenges or uncertainty, and being able to respond to these has helped me to build my confidence. On a ride this summer, my gear cable failed and I had to learn how to fit a new cable having never done this before. The confidence from this accomplishment, as well as lessons from other adventures I’ve been on, is something I'm able to use in other areas of my life. Adventures don’t have to be massive expeditions, but just doing something a little outside of your daily routine can be a great boost to your confidence - I’ve become a less anxious person as a result."

5. To give me purpose.

Rory Southworth - Trail runner (@rorysouthworth)

"Being someone who has a lot of energy, I need a focus. Having new projects to plan and train for gives me purpose and having purpose keeps me mentally healthy and very motivated. As a result of injuries, there have been times when I haven't been able to run and I've found it very hard. But I've learned to adapt by doing other sports and going on new adventures which have a lower impact on my body. As a result of a recent foot injury, I took up open water swimming and really enjoyed trying something new and having a sport to dedicate energy to. I still continue to swim regularly and can't imagine not swimming now - adventure drives me forward, keeps me motivated and makes me feel fulfilled."

The SunGod community is united by a shared love for adventure. And as united as we are, we all have our own unique motivations to get out there and seek new challenges. But if one thing is certain, it's that our greatest adventures are waiting for us – what’s your ‘why’?