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5 Secrets to Smashing Lockdown

15 November 2020

5 Secrets to Smashing Lockdown


How to thrive during lockdown...

We all learned how to ‘survive’ lockdown in 2020, but with another lockdown in full swing, it’s important to remember that we can thrive if we do it right. We asked 5 SunGod Ambassadors to share their tried-and-tested lockdown life hacks so that not only can we survive, but we can totally smash it this time around!

1. Focus on maintaining a positive mindset

Recommended by Marie-Louise Kertzman (@marielouise_triathlon)

Freelance communications specialist and triathlete, Marie Louise Kertzman has learned to adapt her mindset to thrive in lockdown…

"Try not to put so much thought into when things will end. In the beginning of the first lockdown, I spent a lot of anxious energy worrying about when things would “be normal” again. But every week that passes is one we won’t get back, and once I shifted my thinking to focus more on appreciating each day simply for what it was, I felt much happier. Get help if you need it, my mental health seriously suffered to begin with, but as soon as I talked to an expert about my experiences, I felt better equipped to cope with this bizarre situation!"

2. Set small daily goals

Recommended by Tristan Ridley (@tristanrid)

As a freelance writer and adventurer, Tristan found himself like many, thrown into an entirely different lifestyle at the start of the previous lockdown. He’s taking his learnings forward into the coming lockdown...

“The main enemy for me in lockdown is that almost irresistible slide towards weariness, apathy, and sloth! My solution is to create projects for myself and to set clear, tangible goals. It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you have something useful to do – in my case, it’s usually writing, video editing, or learning a new language. It doesn't matter what you do, the important thing is that you set yourself a goal, something to drive you forward and keep you active and engaged. Lockdown can make you lazy, so find something to get you out of bed in the morning. I go so far as to plan out my days in time slots to make sure I stay focused on being productive!”

3. Try to relax

Recommended by Tanisha Browne (@_ladynlycra)

For Paralegal and cyclist Tanisha Browne, she realized hitting the ‘pause’ button was not only helpful but necessary to own lockdown…

“In my experience, to survive lockdown two tips are key - relax and have fun! To start with, I was terrified to slow down and all the worrying actually lost me time on my bike. Being forced to stop has made us all take inventory of what is truly is important. Once I started to relax, I let my family group rides give me unmeasurable joy. Unbeknownst to me, I was motivating my friends and family who have all fallen in love with cycling during lockdown. I also started using my extra time to assist others accomplish their goals and that’s what really matters!”

4. Stick to a routine

Recommended by Ian Arnold (@ianrunsldn)

For Tesco Store Manager and runner Ian Arnold, lockdown brought an increased workload which caused him to become more stressed and frustrated, this time around however, he’s prepared!

“Due to lack of time during the first lockdown, my running suffered as I lost the mojo and I was often tired. With this lockdown I was back on the run streak, something I implemented in the first lockdown to improve mental health, physical health and motivation. This streak currently has no end date, similar to the pandemic! Alongside this, I’ve implemented a stricter routine for this lockdown to ensure I’m productive and my time management is efficient. Finally, I’ve joined the 5am club, waking up early every day and starting the day with the same routine - it really sets your day up right! ”

5. remember to socialize

Recommended by Mani Arthur (@blackcyclist)

For Black Cyclists Network founder Mani Arthur, it was very tempting to get tunnel visioned during the previous lockdown, so he’s ready to make some changes this time around!

“I allowed the last lockdown to make me anti-social and that was a huge mistake! I’m a really social person but I got bogged down with my business mindset and didn’t speak to friends and family nearly as much as I should. My advice to anyone facing lockdown is don’t face it by yourself. Phone people, speak to family and have a drink on Zoom. We’re social creatures, don’t get locked in your own cave!”

As another lockdown commences, we’re making it our mission to help our community stay motivated! We’ve been blown away by the resourcefulness of our community so far in 2020 - so stay positive, stay healthy and remember our best adventures are yet to come! If you’re needing some extra lockdown motivation, why not try our 4 Lockdown Challenges?

What are your secrets to thriving in lockdown? Share your secrets on Instagram Stories, tagging @we_are_sungod and we’ll share the best ones!