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23 November 2022

The 2022 Vision Raise: £3m, in 79 minutes, from over 1,000 investors


To our growing Investor Community - thank you!

Last week, we launched the 2022 Vision Raise, to accelerate our growth and fuel the next stage of SunGod's journey.

The response from our community was nothing short of incredible. We were blown away by your support, and we're honoured to be able to welcome over 1,000 new investors to the SunGod Community.

Over 10,000 of you pre-registered to gain early access to the raise, which offered our community the chance to own a piece of SunGod's future, from just £25. So, we were expecting things to move fast, but nothing could have prepared us for the overwhelming response we received!

We smashed our £1 million target and went on to reach our cap of £3 million and close the round in just 79 minutes, at 200% overfunded, with over 1,000 new investors.

“We’ve worked hard to build a really strong community of customers, ambassadors and athletes who we know are highly engaged, but seeing these people put their money into our 2022 Vision Raise means so much more. It’s proof that our community genuinely believes in what we’re doing: our mission, our products, and our way of doing business. We can’t wait to put their investment to good use - the hard work continues and the next exciting chapter starts now.”

— A few words from our co-founder and CEO, Ali

To everyone who invested: thank you for believing in our mission! We're proud of what we've achieved, grateful for your support, and most importantly, excited for what the future holds. We have ambitious plans for our next phase of growth, as we seek to challenge and change our industry, and we can't wait to See Better, together.

Zoe, Ali & the SunGod Team

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