3 unforgettable days in Greece

4 July 2019

3 unforgettable days in Greece


Here's how to pack the trip of a lifetime into 3 glorious days…

Earlier this summer, we headed to the island of Lefkada in Greece, Europe’s own slice of tropical paradise. Always on the search for adventures, we aimed to uncover the less conventional side of the island and here is what we discovered…

3 unforgettable days in Greece

Where to stay?

One hours drive from the airport towards the South Coast of Lefkada you will find the coastal resort of Vasiliki. Famous for it's powerful winds, Vasiliki is a windsurfing paradise. If you’re looking to dabble in water sports during your stay, we recommend basing yourself at Club Vass. For a more secluded Vasiliki experience, rent a villa in the surrounding hillside for breath taking views across the bay.

Vasiliki, the Mecca for windsurf enthusiasts and the perfect place to be based for a weekend of adventures. Photo: Charlie Jones

Day 1 AM: The sunrise of a lifetime

Having arrived the previous evening and hired a car, start your first day as you mean to go on! Leaving approximately 1 hour before sunrise, drive 45 minutes towards the middle of the island to the abandoned army base. This former NATO base lies deserted aside from the derelict buildings and 4 enormous satellites which dominate the landscape. Don’t be discouraged though, this is the perfect vantage point for you to witness the sunrise of a lifetime… Take your time on the drive back to marvel at the beautiful poppy fields, grabbing brunch from one of the many street cafes along the way.

An eerily beautiful spot. The satellites offer the perfect vantage point to witness the sunrise of a lifetime.

Day 1 PM: Escape the masses

In the early afternoon, head over to the Church of the Prophet Elias for more spectacular views of the island and then head to Cape Lefkada, the island's most southerly point. The bumpy coastal road is not for the faint hearted but persevere, the phenomenal view from the headland makes the trip worthwhile. The magnificent contrast of the red earth on the clifftops and turquoise ocean is certainly something to behold!

Cape Lefkada is the perfect sunset spot to avoid tourists and drink in the clifftop views.

Day 2: Discover deserted beaches

On the second day, head over to Nydri on the east of the Island and hire yourself a boat and a skipper. Make the most of the early morning stillness and start with a wakeboarding session in the bay - If you’re lucky, you may even befriend the local dolphins… Once you're done, cruise across the crystal clear ocean to the island of Meganisi, exploring the coastline to find yourselves your very own beach. Finish the day with a lazy dinner on one of Nydri's many beach side restaurants as the sun goes down on yet another fantastic day.

Use day two to explore the coastline, swim and discover your own beaches - keep your eyes peeled for dolphins!
Use day two to explore the coastline, swim and discover your own beaches - keep your eyes peeled for dolphins!

Day 3: Get your action sport fix

On your final day in Lefkada, make the most of your Vasiliki base! Grab an early morning SUP session to explore the bay, followed by a mountain bike session in the surrounding trails. Spend the afternoon windsurfing and round off your trip sampling the local cuisine in one of the harbor's many restaurants.

On the final day, make the most of the adventure hub that is Vasiliki, mountain bike in the morning and take to the water in the afternoon.  Photo: Charlie Jones

The Island of Lefkada is the perfect spot for an adventure weekend – you’ve just got to know where to go to make it count. Check out the highlights of our trip here: