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Courtney Dauwalter

Ultra Running

Team SunGod

The world no.1 ranked ultra runner, Courtney has some of the most prestigious titles to her name, including a UTMB course record. But she's not done there...

Best known for her massive smile, signature shorts and tough-as-nails approach to trail running  - Courtney epitomises what it means to be a free spirit. And with some of the most impressive course records in ultra running history to her name - including outrunning the men's field on several occasions - it’s obviously working for her.

Born and raised in Minnesota in the US, Courtney’s path into trail running began with a talent for a slightly different, but not dissimilar endurance sport - cross country skiing. In fact, by the time she finished high school, she was the four-time Minnesota state champion in Nordic skiing, going into college with a cross country skiing scholarship. After graduating she became a middle school science teacher, settling in Denver. And with the Colorado mountains as a backdrop, it is no wonder Courtney discovered - and fell in love with - trail running…

“Why not keep pushing the limits of what’s possible? For me, that’s with my feet…”

The rest, as they say, is history, and after winning several ultras in the US and finishing the 2017 Moab 240, 10 hours ahead of the entire field, Courtney turned pro. Since then, Courtney has had the trail running world mesmerized by her performances including breaking the Tahoe 200 course record by 18 hours and winning the UTMB in both 2019 and 2021 where she currently holds the course record.

But Courtney is so much more than the sum of her achievements. With no coach, no fixed nutrition routine and no set training regimen, she dances to the beat of her own drum. Above all else, she is humble, owing her success to her ability to work hard, put the miles in and listen to her body. And despite winning most of what there is to win within ultra-running, she’s not done there...

"I am very intrigued by the really, really long distances"

- Courtney said to us when we asked what's in store for this year, "I want to try the races and challenges that require physical and mental strength to work together and have a blast while doing it." Courtney is set to continue raising the bar and further solidify herself as one of the most successful ultra runners the world has ever seen. 

"SunGod is full of great people who make incredible products, all while helping take care of our playground. I’m psyched to be part of the team!"

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