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INEOS Grenadiers rider Geraint Thomas

21 January 2021

5 Goals For 2021 From 5 Pro Cyclists


Discover how the pros are goal setting this year and get inspired...

2021 has arrived and despite the uncertainty, quarantine and covid related restrictions, the SunGod pros are busy scheming for the year ahead! Discover how these cyclists are goal-setting, and get inspired to set some targets of your own so that you can take ownership of 2021 and smash it out of the park!

1. Cameron Jeffers – RIBBLE WELDTITE

“With the team, my main target for the early part of the year is getting stuck into the Tour Series, a series of city centre criterium races in May which really suit my strengths. In 2021, I am also excited to return to travel, which is a real passion of mine. Hopefully this comes soon, and I can get back to ticking off my cycling bucket list abroad! To achieve the goals and plans I’ve set out this year, I am really focusing on consistency within my training, and looking after the small details like nutrition, sleep, and fueling on the bike each day.”

Follow Cameron's adventures: @cameronjeffers

2. Rory Townsend – CANYON DHB SUNGOD

“My biggest cycling goal for 2021 is to make it to Tokyo 2020 as part of the Irish team. I hope this will come about through consistent road performances in Europe. My second cycling goal is to help my teammate Matt Bostock to a UCI win. He's a quality sprinter who has been close before and has the capability to right at the top of the sport. Hopefully, Tennant, Ryan and I can line him up for a finish in a Dutch or Belgium UCI event. A personal goal is to learn a little more about psychology, particularly in sport. I am reading Steve Peters, 'The Chimp Paradox' at the moment and finding it really interesting! I'd like to explore that avenue a little more with some further reading and perhaps an online course.”

Follow Rory's adventures: @rorytownsendcyclist


"In terms of my fitness levels, 2021 has started in a pretty good place! It’s crazy really, due to lockdown restrictions I have spent so much time on the turbo that my fitness levels keep climbing! On Zwift, there are no coffee stops, no coasting down hills or stopping at lights! As a result, I am confident that I’m at a good fitness level now to ride the Tour de France with the Internationelles again later this year - the challenge is to stay that way! So, my big goal for 2021 is to maintain and progress my fitness and to enter as many races as possible throughout the year so that we'll be ready to smash the Tour once again, in our campaign for gender equality in cycling!”

Follow Louise's adventures: @loukew


“Setting goals is really important for me as a competitive cyclist, it helps me stay focused! My biggest goal is to get my fitness to 4.5 watts-per-kilo. WPK measures an athletes power output and weight to give you an accurate measurement of your fitness. To find out your WPK, you have to do a Functional Threshold Test (FTP). Building fitness takes a while and I’ll have to be patient and most importantly, consistent. So, I have set myself a target of hitting 280+ miles a week for the next 3 months. Alongside this, I am hoping to expand and create BCN chapters all over the UK this year. I think this is perhaps more powerful than winning many bike races, but it's hard to choose! You can make it easier for me by supporting our movement to make cycling more diverse and inclusive."

Follow Mani's adventures and the pioneering work he's doing with Black Cyclists Network: @blackcyclist / @blackcyclistsnetwork

5. Tasha Reddy – BIANCHI DAMA

“My goal for 2021 is to help the team achieve the highest ranking possible in UK Elite National Series, with top 10 finishes being a realistic target personally in races that suit. With this being my final year at uni, the second half of the season is a real focus for me while I allow the current uncertainties unravel. In the meantime, I’ll be mixing things up with MTB, cyclocross, lots of strength and conditioning work and some running, before hitting a more focused road race plan in due course!”

Follow Tasha's adventures: @reddytasha

Now is a great time to focus on the things we can control, as we set personal goals for the coming year. The winter months are the ideal time to start making gains towards those big summer goals and remember, a sustained effort over a longer period will mean we'll be ready take on the road ahead, no matter what it brings. So 2021, let's be having you!