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5 Life hacks for adventure planning in 2021…

3 March 2021

5 Life hacks for adventure planning in 2021…


How to plan adventures in a post-Covid world...

With new freedoms on the horizon, we're getting stoked for a summer of adventuring! In a post covid world, adventure planning will look a little different though, so we asked 5 SunGod Ambassadors and full-time adventurers to share their tips for planning and maximising your adventures in 2021…

1. Always have a plan B – Rupert Jones-Warner, Mountaineer

With both an Everest summit and Annurpurna summit under his belt, Rupert is busy planning a K2 mission. Despite lockdown making planning for this expedition tricky, he’s not one to be discouraged...

“My big goal this year is to climb K2 in summer but as we know, nothing is certain. So as a result, I’ve been looking at adventures nearer home that I can do instead - and there are loads! For instance, due to restrictions, a lot of people have really got into running this year. So, I've been looking at running challenges in the UK that I can do and train for from the house. This has resulted in me running two ultra-marathons and training in the lakes for the Bob Graham Round, a 66 mile time trial around the Lake District. I have since signed up for two more ultras which I’ll do if K2 can’t happen!”

2. Be creative - jenny wordsworth, Extreme sports athlete

Jenny is training hard for her next challenge, the Adventure Race World Championships, 3-7 days of non-stop racing in the disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, navigation and more. Lockdown has meant she has had to be innovative with her training...

"Lockdown has required a creative approach to make the best of indoor training and what’s possible outdoors locally. Running and cycling are fine but MTB is out as there are no trails local to me. For kayaking, my indoor set up uses dumbbells and resistance bands to form a makeshift paddle. The discipline to keep up with a training plan in lockdown when we’re not sure if the race will go ahead is harder. Likewise always training solo means you’ve got to dig that little bit deeper. I do think this will all be to our benefit though once we can train as a team again and get back into the outdoors properly. The resilience we’ve all gained will stand us in good stead to smash our adventures this year!"

3. Do your research – Tristan Ridley, Bikepacker

Tristan is an expedition cyclist who has spent most of the last five years bikepacking around the world, crossing more than 60 countries. He is currently in Kenya, working with the local cycling community to design a fully-comprehensive long-distance bikepacking route through the country.

“When it comes to adventure planning in this crazy world, it’s about intensive research so that you can press go on an adventure at any moment! When planning my upcoming expeditions, I have been looking for suitable places first, and then building the expedition around that. For example, look for places less troubled by Covid and then dive in and research what is required to travel there. Even if you’re unable to travel there right now it’s good to have the research done and any visa requirements and timescales mapped out so that when you can travel, it will be all systems go to make the adventure happen!”

4. Be responsive – Rory Southworth, Adventurer

Rory is a mountain sports athlete based in the North West of England. He’s currently 45km into a project to ski 100km in Lancashire during the fickle winter ski season, proving you don't need to fly to get your turns in!

"If you’re looking to adventure in the near future, make the best of it by being reactive to the conditions and restrictions. Make the most of what the weather gives you and what you can access locally and keep all your kit ready to go at any moment! I check the weather regularly throughout the day, but especially before bed to see what the morning conditions will be and if I need to prep any kit. If I see that it might snow in the night, I’ll sort my skis out and set the alarm for 5am to head out skinning before starting work – easy!”

5. your adventures aren't going anywhere - Rizza Alee, mountaineer

Rizza is a climber, snowboarder, explorer and an adventure photographer climbing mountains throughout the year to pursue the farthest expanses of Earth...

"Isolation can take a toll on our moods and thought processes and it can become very easy to get frustrated that we can't plan our adventures in the same way as before. When I am feeling discouraged and overwhelmed trying to plan with such uncertainty, I remember one thing and it gives me total clarity: the mountains and everything else aren't going anywhere. They will always be there and we will always have our chance to take those adventures we've been dreaming of. We've got to be patient, positive and use the time to remember why we love doing what we do!"

The first thing to remember above all else is to understand your local restrictions and build a safe and responsible adventure around these. Even if we can't travel just yet, it pays to be prepared and to explore what's available to you in your local area in the meantime. SunGod community, be inventive, be proactive and keep looking forwards because our best adventures are yet to come!

Lockdown has been an adventure all in itself. If you’re looking for further inspiration on how to stay adventure-ready this time around, head here.