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Are You Adventure Ready? 4 Skills to Master This Lockdown...

28 January 2021

Are You Adventure Ready? 4 Skills to Master This Lockdown...


Make the best of lockdown and prepare for your best adventures yet…

We may not know when we’ll be able to travel again but if one thing is certain, we will be adventuring again! When this time finally comes, we’ll be thirstier than ever to explore new places and to try new experiences. So, why not use this lockdown to ensure you are more skilled and super prepared to be able smash your next adventure? Here are 4 skills you can work on during lockdown so you can make your next adventure, the best one yet…

1. Safety and First Aid

This should be top of your list when planning and prepping for any adventure, lockdown or no lockdown. Despite this, safety and first aid skills are often ones that we learn once and hope we’ll remember should the necessity arise… However, given that this knowledge could one day save a life, it pays to be prepared! Use this time to refresh your first-aid knowledge via an online course, and tailor it to the adventure you’re looking to take. Winter sports lovers, keep the spark alive with some transceiver training! Hide transceivers around your home and garden, making sure you’re familiar with your own equipment and the search process. Regardless of the nature of the skills you need, don’t wait until you need them to put them to use. Use lockdown to ensure you’re prepared and confident to take the right action should things go south on your next adventure – you could save a life!

2. Ropework and rescue skills

Lockdown is a tough time for mountain enthusiasts. And while the lure of real rock beneath the fingertips beckons, there are loads of tricks and skills you can hone to stave off the cravings. Consider working on equalising belays, escaping the system and self-rescue technique. Wash your ropes, clean your cams and make sure they’re lubed up and ready for the next adventure! Grab a book online if you’re unsure where to start!

3. Outdoor cooking

Is an adventure really an adventure without a meal or two in the great outdoors? But how is your adventure cooking repertoire? Use your new-found spare time to experiment with your one-pot wonders, campfire hacks and outdoor meal planning. Practice cooking delicious meals using only your camping equipment, and experiment with no-cook snacks for emergencies. Fine tune your recipes and make your own list of camp-kitchen essentials so that prepping for your next adventure will be a cinch. If you’re uncertain, there is a wealth of information on meal planning for adventures in books and online!

4. Map reading and planning

There is no limit to the level of preparation that can go into an adventure. The first step when planning any adventure is perhaps the most common, to source a physical map of the area you will be exploring, and ensure you are familiar with the planned route and the topography of the area. The next thing you can do with your free time this lockdown is to experiment with other resources available to assist with adventure planning. Fatmap is a great example of an online mapping platform which allows its users to plot and plan their routes in the wilderness, consulting with other users who may have already tried the route – The app is moderated by qualified professionals with safety and enjoyment at its core.

While there are many uncertainties right now, there are things we can control. With a little bit of proactivity and positivity we can begin looking ahead to planning and preparing to make our next adventures, the best ones yet.

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