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Max Rowe

Freestyle Windsurfing





Max is a professional windsurfer from the UK, living his dream: travelling the world windsurfing and competing on the PWA windsurfing freestyle world tour.

Starting windsurfing at a young age, Max has been competing on the PWA freestyle windsurfing tour since 2010, and splits his time between competitions all over the globe, and instructing out at his favourite spot - Vassiliki, Greece.

Get to Know Max

Date of Birth 7th July 1988
Hometown Colchester, UK
Favourite Spot Vassiliki, Greece
Ultimate Goal Continue having fun!
Started Windsurfing 15 years old
Can't live without The sea

Career Highlights

2013 5th Overall European Ranking
2014 9th Place, PWA World Cup
Sylt, Germany
2014 14th Overall World Ranking
2010 11th Place, PWA World Cup
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
2014 9th Place, PWA World Cup
Brouwersdam, Netherlands
2016 UKWA Windsurfer of the Year
2019 17th Place, PWA Freestyle World Cup
Bonaire, Venezuela
2017 17th Place, PWA Freestyle World Cup
Sylt, Germany
2017 5th Place, Jericoacoara Freeestyle
Jericoacoara, Brazil


SunGod, Mystic, Simmer Style, Club Vass, Cat Phones, Wideye

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