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BIKE AID are unique, combining success at the highest level of professional cycling with a social commitment.

BIKE AID are unique in holding a higher purpose with their teams existence, they are combining success at the highest level of professional cycling with a social commitment: to specifically and sustainably create a platform for African cyclists to compete on the world stage. And it's working, not only have they brought African riders through to the top of the European scene, they are Germany’s most successful UCI Continental team and sit in the top 10 UCI Continental teams worldwide.

One of the team's latest riders, Eritrean Henok Mulubrhan, a recent signing, is recognised as one of the continent’s greatest cycling talents. By signing Mulubrhan along with five other newcomers, BIKE AID have added breadth and depth to their roster this year, lining them up for another season of winning podiums across Europe and beyond.

Algerian and Eritrean National Champions

"Finding a brand that also believes you can successfully balance social commitment and performance is rare. The riders are already loving their SunGods and we can't wait to use this platform to shout about the work we are doing."

— Timo Schaefer, Team Founder and Principal

Bike Aid Team Design

2022 Riders
• Adne van Engelen • Dawit Yemane • Enzo Decker • Halil Ibrahim Dogan • Henok Mulubrhan • Jasper Levi Pahlke • Jesse de Rooij • Jesse Ewart • Julian Lino • Léo Bouvier • Lucas Carstensen • Matthias Schnapka • Nikodemus Holler • Salim Kipkemboi • Sebastian Niehues • Wesley Mol

Recent Results
Tour of Thailand (UCI 2.1) 2021 1st team classification, Tour de Bretagne Cycliste (UCI 2.2) 2021 Stage Winner, Belgrade Banjaluka (UCI 2.1) 2021 Stage winner, Tour of Mevlana (UCI 2.2) 2021 Stage winner